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City marketing with
Bubble Ads

A unique way to spread your message


Four and a half years after its launch, Bubble Post is active in sixteen cities. Our eco vehicles not only roam the streets of all major Belgian cities but you can also spot them in the streets of the Netherlands.

Now you can advertise your message on our Bubble vehicles! For this new feature we work with the creative agency DIFT. In addition to overseeing production of the mobile banners, they can offer their expertise in campaign design and communications.

Bubble Post fiets.jpg

For who?

This feature is only activated for sustainable companies and organisations. Think of cities, universities, ngo's, ... with a message that's an added value for the city resident or visitor. To protect the neutrality of Bubble Post this service is of course not active for clients of Bubble Post.

Our eco-vehicles are real eye-catchers

Mobile billboards attract 2.5 times more attention from consumers,
while reaching 30% more potential customers.




€675 per month / per bike or stint
(excl. costs of production & campaign concept, excl. VAT)



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