Efficient distribution


Buffering at the city limits

Our warehouses at the cities outskirts create a buffer
for the stream of goods going to and from the city centre,
preparing goods for a clean and efficient
first -and last mile delivery.


Consolidation of goods

Goods from different suppliers are dropped and sorted at our warehouse. Our very own software automatically
consolidates the goods in the most efficient routes.


Ecological vehicles

The good are distributed across the city centre with efficient and ecological vehicles. Ranging from cargo-bikes and Stints
to electric cars and CNG lorries.

Cold and frozen

Bubble Post warehouses are fully equipped for cold
and frozen storage and transportation. We guarantee a
consistent cold chain following standard regulation.


Client Zone

Live Tracking
Schedule and track your deliveries.
Client Dashboard
Monitor the quality of your deliveries at all times.
API integration
Data communication via easy API integration.



packages each day


CO2 saved (g)
calculated by CO2Logic

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trees planted