Please contact Customer Care if you want to change the delivery address within the same city. Please consult the postal codes per city within our delivery zone. You cannot request a change of address once the courier is on his way.

Bubble Post does not have any collection points. Select a new delivery date on our Track & Trace.

Leave a message for the driver on our Track & Trace. Please note that the driver will only read your message upon arrival and will not be able to answer.

If you've missed the delivry we'll try to deliver the parcel the next day or wait untill you reschedule a new delivery date on our Track & Trace using your tracking number.

If you absent during the delivery our courier will try to deliver the parcel at your neighbours. A card will be left behind in your mailbox with more information. If you’d rather not have your packages delivered at your neighbours, be sure to leave specific instructions for the courier on our Track & Trace.

Please check if the courier can easily find the address, if your bell works properly and the addressee name is clearly visible. Leave any additional information that can help our courier on our Track & Trace.


Contact Customer Care

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0,25m3 (60cm/60cm/60cm) and less than 30kg. Bigger shipments are possible too! Ask a quote on

Using small, environmentally friendly and fast vehicles, Bubble Post is making urban logistics future proof. Together with respect for man en planet!

We deliver 6 out of 7 days. From early in the morning to late at night. Our Bubble Heroes have their legs massaged on sundays for the week to come ;-)

Is this your first time sending a package with Bubble Post? Be sure to contact

We are specialized in urban areas. To cover a national base, we partner with other couriers. For shipments to other Bubble cities (see map on home page) we offer CNG shuttles to make sure the last miles of your package are taken care of by us. A list of active postal codes can be requested when you ask for a quote.

Yes, we have CNG vehicles and cold trikes to actively cool your goods. We also own packaging to transport your goods in a cooled way. Be sure to ask a quote for more information!

Depends on the location of your company and the quantity of the goods. Price also depends of these factors. It is best to request a quote here:


You will receive a monthly invoice for the amount of deliveries that took place.


We can store your goods in our secure warehouse on the edge of the city, dry goods aswell as cold goods. We have our own warehouse management system. You can ask a quote if interested.


Yes, in an agreed time and location we will pick up your returns and bundle them to send them back to you altogether.