Bubble Post unveils cool cargo bikes

Bubble Post, the Belgian firm which specialises in sustainable and ecological deliveries, has unveiled its new bike which features an “actively cooled cargo space” for transporting perishable items.
Established in Ghent in 2013 and now operating in “all the major cities in Flanders”, Bubble Post touts itself as a provider of “efficient and sustainable city deliveries”.
In each of the cities in which it operates, Bubble Post has an out-of-town warehouse at which it takes in cargo from HGVs. The goods are resorted and bundled, and then Bubble Post’s fleet of eco-friendly bikes, trikes, electric vans and CNG-powered sprinters make the “last mile” journey into the city centre.
For perishable items, Bubble Post has been using its CNG-powered vans which have refrigerated units. Now, however, the company has announced that it can also use its new cool cargo bikes.
Yan Ketelers of Bubble Post told Post&Parcel today (25 April) that the company is already operating one cool cargo bike in Amsterdam and it has ordered another 20 bikes which will come into operation over the next two or three months. Ketelers added that Bubble Post also has about 60 standard cargo bikes in operation at the moment.