Nespresso: "Right from the start our customers loved your innovative concept."

For over 30 years, Nespresso has been selling quality coffee all over the world. After winning the city of Brussels’ mobility prize, Nespresso tested Bubble Post for 2 months. Find out how this turned into a successful collaboration.

Customer centricity
Nespresso’s aim is to differentiate themselves by offering an at-home barista experience and focussing on a personal approach in their boutiques and online shops. “Like Bubble Post, we listen to the customers in order to fulfill their needs. At Nespresso we closely pay attention to what a customer wants in a cup of coffee and what kind of flavour they prefer. We also consider their specific needs, do they want a coffee to drink with a dessert, or something to wake them up in the morning? With all these factors in mind, we try to find the perfect cup of coffee for every customer.”

At Nespresso, they understand the importance of ever changing customer needs. “We want to offer our customers the best experience possible by transporting them into the world of Nespresso. Therefore, we are currently changing some of our shops. In Mons, we have started with a new concept where we put even more attention to the customer. By implementing self-service cash registers, our staff has more time to really help and understand the customer’s needs, and to offer them the experience of a real coffee moment together. In the future, we would like to extend this concept to all our shops in Belgium.”
"We also have the self selection concept. The customer chooses his coffee and can pay without another person intervening. This way we offer an undisturbed shopping experience ”

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“Our clients were really happy about the ecological deliveries and the personal service offered by Bubble Post”

Bubble adventure
In 2014, Nespresso won the city of Brussels’ mobility price. This price allowed them to start a mobility project of their choice. Since Nespresso is engaged in the environment it was nothing but an obvious choice for them to choose an ecological supplier to deliver their products. They were looking for a young, innovative and local concept and found Bubble Post. Nespresso tested our service for 2 months and asked their clients what their opinion was on this innovative idea. “We sent out a survey and surprisingly enough we received a huge amount of respondents. Our clients were really happy about the ecological deliveries and the personal approach offered by Bubble Post. Of course, we were more than happy to continue our partnership after the trial period.”

As said before, Nespresso is engaged in the environment and sustainability. In 2003 they developed their own sustainability programme called the AAA programme. This programme allows the company to work with local farmers and to reduce their CO2 emissions. Additionally, they also have their own recycling line in Holland where all cups of the BENELUX are recycled. “Since aluminium is endlessly recyclable, we think it’s more than an obvious strategy. We offer many possible ways to give the cups back, like giving them to the Bubble Heroes.”

"Delivering ecologically with a bike or Stint really differs from traditional deliveries"

“From the start, we were really into the innovative idea of Bubble Post. Delivering ecologically with a bike or Stint, this really differs from traditional deliveries. Together with a good execution, eco deliveries offer an overall concept that fits perfectly in today’s society.”

With the help of Bubble Post, Nespresso was able to anticipate the changing urban environment — Antwerp with its low emission zone or the circulation plan in Ghent—. “Bubble Post’s personal approach and clear up-to-date communication are really worth mentioning. You know what you’re talking about and communicate everything with such a positive look and feel. This truly gets everyone involved into the Bubble happiness story.”

A special thanks to Thomas Vander Putten and Susan Decock from Nespresso for the great interview!