Smartmat: “Bubble Post is the only company that can offer us a personal solution.”

5 years ago, Anders Åsarby brought the very first foodbox all the way from Sweden to Belgium. Smartmat was born and soon Bubble Heroes delivered the Smartmat joy to their customers. We talked with Anders about our partnership.

As the pioneer in the foodbox sector, Smartmat wants to bring back the love and joy for cooking. They believe today people are too busy to find the time for original and wholesome cooking. Healthy food and taking the time to cook go together like salt and pepper. By delivering healthy foodboxes to people’s doorstep, Smartmat facilitates the whole cooking process and encourages people to make time to enjoy cooking

“Our original boxes contain at least 25% biological products while more than half of the products in the vegetarian boxes are biological. ”

Smartmat creates healthy and nutritious recipes by using as much biological products as possible. “Our original boxes contain at least 25% biological products while more than half of the products in the vegetarian boxes are biological. We always try to think about the environment. Buying locally is an important aspect of our philosophy. We maintain several partnerships with local producers to buy as much local products as possible.”

Anders brought the Smartmat idea over from Sweden. “The first person to have ever started with healthy foodboxes was a Swedish woman. I immediately fell in love with her healthy concept.” Although some recipes have a Scandinavian touch, Smartmat has two Belgian menu planners and recipes are created in line with local tastes (e.g meatballs in tomato-sauce). They even created a box in collaboration with Belgian magazine Libelle.

Currently, Smartmat offers five different foodboxes with recipes changing every week. Being a vegetarian himself, Anders thought it was obvious to include a vegetarian foodbox. “Vegetarian food is often seen as monotonous and consisting of only vegetables. I want to change that perception.”

Bubble Post has been delivering the healthy Smartmat boxes since november 2015. “Ecology is very important for us. It’s what attracted us to Bubble Post. Not only our food has to be as ecological as possible, we want our vision to expand to every aspect of our company and service, including the deliveries.”

“Bubble Post really understands us and thinks about how we can deliver as efficiently as possible.”

“Bubble Post is a unique player in the logistics market. They really understand us and think about how we can deliver as efficiently as possible. In some way they identify themselves with our company in order to understand what we need.”

We at Smartmat believe you have to treat the client the way you want to be treated yourself. Our vision is to treat the customer as good and as personal as possible. Bubble Post shares this vision. They try to help you as personally as possible and treat everyone as a unique customer. With Bubble Post we have found the perfect match.”